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the ragdolling protea on a deathly rewind is still hilariously bad and unnecessary till this day, switch it to an actual knockdown please


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shield grenades takes a whopping 2 whole seconds of casting time before the effect, 1 second for the actual cast animation, and the other for the grenade to land on the floor beneath me and register it's area of effect.

so it seems like i've found a use for temporal anchor after all, it has faster animation, and makes me invincible while casting. however i fail to see the need for the ragdoll effect when i die during this ability. the penalty almost guarantees my death, as quickly switching to operator to heal me doesn't help much. i know it's for balance, and that i'm supposed to be punished for dying. but this is a time travel ability, i'm supposed to use it to rewind from death, to cheat death, not humiliate myself by using it

SUGGESTION: switch from a ragdoll to an actual knockdown, it's even stated in the ability description

that way i can mod for that penalty, by using handspring, and quickly jump back to action.

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