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Lets start with the "Arquebex" weapon stealing affinity at the end of every mission as a unranked weapon and resetest to rank 0 at the beginning of every mission.

Next the relics are not showing up in your inventory the Neo S5, Meso F2, and Axi E1 form Deimos bounties.

Then the animal tags for "Son" are not showing up to make the new pet animals. Even with them showing up in your personal inventory.

Lastly For STEEL PATH enemies are not being properly balanced and effected by status affects all long with armor/ health  scaling. Thank you, WhyGeneration

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Arquebex does not steal any affinity. Its showing up in mission summary, appearing to have gained affinity, is just a UI bug that doesn’t affect your affinity gain for the other items.

To create a Deimos companion, you need to capture weakened animalsOnce you have done that, their tags will show up at Son’s. The tags you see in your mission summary and inventory are for intact animal captures, which cannot be used for creating a companion.

Steel Path enemy scaling is not a bug. If you’re talking specifically about the Steel Path tier bounty on Deimos, some of the enemies have high resistance to Viral damage and are immune to Viral procs. Again, not a bug.

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