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Common, game borking (restart required) - new mission started (by someone else) but nothing happens (nor can happen - permanently)... bug


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Extended Summary: common (confirmed via chat), game borking (restart required (often OS too)) - new mission started (by someone else) but nothing happens (nor can happen - PERMANENTLY)... bug.

What happen is:
1. Mission ends (usually: invasion, sortie, etc. generally missions with followups)
2. I get transferred into orbiter just to see next mission's name popup for a second on right side of screen
3. Occasionally what happens is that new mission loading start with few (10-20) seconds of delay (instead of instantly) but most of the time nothing happens (often host quits within 1 minute, either due to error or mission being forced upon them (most likely seeing as long loading screens (bugs) usually get chatty))
4. As that happens game no longer can be played... Starchart doesnt contain any nodes. Menus from top of the screen are missing completely. Trying to bypass going into dojo result in permanent loading screen (but I heard it works for some people (maybe its a matter of people being in the dojo already?)). Sometimes game can be recovered by selecting mission rerun from results page couple of times - but it is random and rare occurance (it seem in those cases that first time game is rerun something changes) - and if that succeed then game gets back to normal after mission ends, but this option seem to work in about 10% of cases...

What I suspect is happening is that someone selects new mission immediately after geting into orbiter likely skiping vote timers as well. This happened before (some updates back) and was always VERY annoying (if very unlucky one can potentially loose syndicate level, or invasion reward if some joker swaps the mission instead of staying on a node (not easiest thing to tell since it happens unannounceed)) but then I could at least abort mission (shedding single manly tear for my profile statistics....) immediately once loaded and often did (not only me by the string of host migrations such forced missions sometime turn to) but thanks to this bug this annoyence was brought into completely different level.

EDIT. And it is not like I quit to spite everyone, it make sense on some occasions to stay, especially if I have fun playing with people on the team, but most of the time those are just some human roBOTS (gameplay & chat wise as well) pushing mindlessly forward regardless of this making sense or not (see forcing people into 4th invasion mission, invasion mission type that sucks or any f* next sortie as those happen to have different modificators for each mission, and while I havent failed one in a while so cant say that its still a thing it sure can get tedious...)

And I know, some commenters said "wisely":  just buy more powerfull PC, load faster than them and leave squad before anyone is able to do that ---- but this is so ret*ed (more powerful meaning really: more powerful than EVERYONE else rather than set threshold, which is not really reasonable requirement if directed to more than one person, see definition of INFINITY) so if you wanted to samething along those lines (with no other merit) please spare us elitist preachings ...

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