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Unable To Continue Blasting Grineers/corpus/infested..



Having a massive fps drop moments after loading into mission.

So after the patch with ballistica i strarted having this problem.

I haven't changed any settings since 6 mths ago and i doubt its a problem with my computer or my connection since my net or other games i'm playing (eg. Dota 2) doesnt have any problems.


More details about the fps drops.


Phase 1: Launch game, login, start an online mission. 3 players join up.

Mission starts and everything is smooth, about 3 mins into the mission, it strikes.


Phase 2: The fps drops so massively I'm literally looking at a slide show now, struggling to even aim properly.


Phase 3: The players who were in my game all disconnect. Subsequently while trying to solo the slideshow mission some random player would still be able to connect, but most dc after a while. (I have hosted tonnes of games before and the mass disconnection has never happened)


Phase 4: I get &!$$ed off and alt tab out to desktop, black screen occurs (I presume cuz of the evolution engine lagging my whole system). Tries ctrl+shift+esc to bring up task manager and after 5 mins it comes up.


Final phase: Shuts off warframe from applications and start cursing.


If there have been any posts about the same problem i apologise but would really appreciate some help.


P.S The mobs still die fine in the slideshowy mission after i manage to get a shot at them.

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