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Some Random Ideas...


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These are just some random thoughts i put down on my notebook when i was playing, its just stuff that i thought might come in handy or be cool to have at some point, take it with the usual grain of salt because some might be doable others not so easy.




Casting Bar - A small casting bar showing (on green) if the ability or charge up was sucessfuly cast or not (on red) when you get interrupted along with a ...


Buff Timer Bar - On blue (possibly under the casting bar) displaying the duration of your abilities and/or buffs both mid screen (movable?!?)


Mob Health/Shield Bars - Just 2 small bars on top of each mob so we dont need to aim to it just to check if that was the pesky coward grineer commander you were hitting =P




Drop Kill/Attack - pretty much as Assassin's Creed old time favorite ( 



Chain Attack - Depletes all stamina and uses all available 3 weapons to make a single target multiple weapon attack chaining multiple hits into 1 target (number of hits and stamina consumption depending on type of weapons carried).


Command Grab/Throw - Pretty much you grab the opponent in animation and throw him towards the floor or even other oponents (depending on size?!?)

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interesting concepts.  I especially like the grab/throw portion because it could potentially be a good way to deal with high level enemies that are isolated which would otherwise take 2 clips to take down - like say a level 150 ancient.  it would be unwise to do this against an enemy in a cluster because the animation would incapacitate the player to the environment, exposing him to interruptions and high burst damage.

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