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I feel like the game is boring now. Like even with the recent Heart Of Deimos Update that was hyped beyond belief the game just has been lacking ... something and it's weird that I can't quite put my finger on it but something about has lost its shine. It could be the ugly ass character creation that we're forced the work with relatively unkempt appearances that operators have that make them look unique in their own way. Maybe it's the fact that you no longer get to wall run like we used to. Or against many people's will to say it... The copy paste mechanic when it comes to adding new "open world" just big tilesets places... which just adds something that basically renders all your hard work to be useless by forcing veteran players to use the newly added items *cough* *cough* (AMPS) and a new place to get reputation. Which -- to be fair , Plains Of Eidolon was a cool idea and it would have been nice to see that concept expanded not cloned but hey that's just me. There is also the dispute of nerfing? Like pulling the rug from under players for being too powerful... in a CO-OP ONLY game. You could argue that there is a PVP section or whatever but let's be honest... When was the last you even went? But don't misunderstand me even if I am ugly as hell under my suit. I still like the game. I practically grew up on the game for a little over half a decade. From the wall running that sometimes worked but didn't really and made you mad when you got clowned by Vor who was on Mercury at the time and spending countless hours beating the holy hell out of Grineer without even knowing the game was grind fest , back when prime weapons didn't have master rank requirements and My Karak and I thought we were hot stuff and helping out people by handing out platinum like hot cakes.

Back then the game didn't really have a story but I couldn't wait for it to get one , I was excited to see what came next. I always wondered how their were gender based(?)  is it gender or sexuality the alphabet gang made definitions confusing. warframes... I always thought that once you find out what was in the suit the creators of the game would have changed the build of the frame to fit the sexuality(?) of the character/operator. Basically if you had ember... you would get a manlier ember if your character was a male and ember would remain the same if you were female. Then... Second Dream came and wiped away all my hopes and ironically... well , dreams. Stripping away 90% of all the sense the game had at the time. BOOM you're not in the suit and never were. But now the prologue doesn't make sense anymore if you're not in the suit then whatever Vor attached to your ankle in the beginning should not be affecting you at all and you should just sell the warframe to the lotus or something for 10,000 credits and buy a new one for plat (or not and just make to venus and get parts for a rhino then) that doesn't have an ankle monitor liek you're a felon who's on house arrest. Not being in the suit takes away too much logic... such as things like... Why do I need life support in survivals if I can breathe fine in space with a archwing? PLUS I'm not even in the suit so I don't need to breathe anyways !! Or how do I take poison damage from infested? I'm not in the suit so what veins could the poison possible be infecting? Don't get me started on slash damage... How does an empty suit bleed? Explain yourself. Even without the combat logic being completely broken there is another issue that grinded my gears which was... If I was in a reservoir of some sort inside the void why do I wake up in a warframe that I am somehow already connected to... Which only makes sense for the lotus to "awaken" me... if I was actually inside the suit. ANYWHOOSIES

I honestly don't know I am posting this ... it sounds like a lot of complaints but I just felt like posting some gripes and just wanted to share my ideas. Like the game , just ... the "love" has faded.

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