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Vox Solaris


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With more guns.

But no really, if you're having trouble with this, I'd guess that you are not exactly a veteran (no offense). 

You could ask around for help in recruit chat, you would pass the quest and get access to an open wirld you have no business being in right now, as all the good stuff is hidden behind content just as hard and way harder than this.

Leave it on the side, come back once you have the gear for lvl30+ ennemies.

Most frames with pretty much any weapon, as long as you have the right mods at max rank, can deal with this without any trouble

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If you are having trouble you may not be at the gear level you need to do it.

Clear the starchart.  Do the quests get weapons and mr ranks.

If you have the mr. Maybe cheese weapons like ignis wrath mr 9 will butchrr waves of foes with ease.

Vox solaris rep (not solaris united) is s pain to rank up in.  Since toroids are a pain to farm. I losthe it. So i say screw vox solaris.   I'm fine with my amps from cetus.

Maybe use a specter to help you out.

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