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The Enhanced Graphics Engine

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this is awesome and all but why do i have a feeling this will destroy low end laptops and pcs.... why....


also please make zunerik and health orbs affect necramechs please, and if possible please make necramech melee do percentage based damage where every hit removes 30% of enemies max health, that would be nice. 

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Who cares, my toaster won't be able to run all this anyway. Stick to fixing stuff gameplay wise that's being done on the feedback subforum.


EDIT: White overexposure is still horrible with "Color Correction" on and having 50/50 lighting and contrast set. The Starchart map is dark as hell overconpensated with a bright white over planets which renders one barely able to see the planet's nodes. This hasn't been fixed in ages. I don't know why. Any white posters or personal quarters in your ship are also either very very dark if you choose a darker tone for color or the overblown with white light in the shelves where you can store your trophies etc. Also hasn't been fixed in forever. I think ever since the Kuva Lich expansion, update, whatever came out.

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Further Feedback
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4 minutes ago, A7roboBOT said:

I'm curious though - how is this going to affect Mirage's 3?

Mirage's 3 doesn't sample from lightmaps, so not much changes actually.

Any real change would be is that you would have  to stand closer to a dynamically spawned light source (For example, Ember). That, or it may prevent mirage from randomly getting the damage buff in apparent dark areas, now that the dark areas would be properly lit. (And vice versa)

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Could we also get a 'Render Scaling' feature that allows us to supersample to 1440p or higher? This makes textures look so much sharper, and greatly improves Anti-Aliasing. I often increase my Render Scaling in games like Warzone, Siege, and Overwatch... and the increase in visual fidelity is quite noticeable.

For those who are still on native 1080p144hz monitors, but with 8GB graphics cards like 2070 Super or 5700 XT, this would be an amazing graphics feature to have.

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Interesting and nice to see things going forward.
One thing I really hope you account for though:

All the recent updates have significantly effected loading speeds, almost doubling them in my case; I hope that this new engine won't slow down my game even more, I've already had to switch to the lowest setting, after Deimos' 1st hotfix.

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This is great, having just seen it a bit in-game, I am so glad that the overexposure seems to be finally addressed.


Rendering has been in an odd place for such a long time, so glad to see this.

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