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The Enhanced Graphics Engine

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Is it normal that using this setting SEVERELY slows down my entire games loading times and UI responses? The game still runs PERFECTLY, and my computer is more than enough to run it or more demanding games, like RE2 and MH World at stable 60fps max graphics, but turn on better graphics on Warframe and I'm suddenly frustrated by immensely long load screens and a UI that takes a coupel seconds to even open the ESC menu

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29 minutes ago, Damelije said:

I have a nvidia 960 GPU will i still be able to run the game?


from what I understand, it's not actually RTX, meaning anything 800+ should still do fine, aka. any 50$ GPU you can get.
tho Steve mentioning RTX obv. is scary., since that would mean you would have to upgrate to at least an 2070, with what you are looking at at least 400$, so you might just make the 100$ extra jump to an 3070.
I personally use an 1080Ti and have had no problems with the current graphic levels we are facing, but obviously, an official statement about what minimum specs we would need for this are the best thing we could get.
looking at their last post about dropping DX10 support, I would say anything that supports DX11/12 should work for now (aka. the next 1-2 years)
doing a quick google search what supports DX12 (which will also Support DX11) your 960 is on that list, in fact, 950+, but it also instandly shows a bunch of people having problems running DX12 on their 960.

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59 minutes ago, [DE]Steve said:

We’re moving into “Next Gen” by phasing out our old rendering engine! The launcher option has been moved into the Options screen as we want to get more Tenno onboard for testing it!

Enhanced (formerly referred to as ‘Deferred’) is a complete redesign to achieve more accurate reflections and give us the ability to utilize dynamic lighting and shadowing across the entire game.

(Squinting) Aside from our landscapes, the frame to frame differences will be subtle. Precomputed reflections in the very shiny Gas City floors will be less distorted. The reflective glints on your Warframe won’t ‘pop’ each time you move between tiles. This is intentional as we’ve been diligent with ‘back porting’ our rendering upgrades to Enhanced to the Legacy rendering system. Our continuous upgrades to static path-traced lighting, parallax projected cubemaps, volumetric lights, lit fog, character light probes… work quite well in the legacy rendering engine and have allowed us to ‘keep up with the Jones’ over many years. But there has always been a glaring weak-point on the Legacy Rendering Eximus...

To stretch a Bene Gesserit/Dune analogy - “There is a place - terrifying to us”: Dynamic lighting! Since Warframe’s launch, the number of dynamic lights we’ve typically used per-frame has been kept in the low single digits. Your gun, maybe a flashlight, maybe an ability cast… everything else was precomputed, stored in textures (light maps) and point clouds (light probes) or faked with ‘glow sprites’. The reason for this: for every dynamic light we’d add to the frame (*), the legacy rendering engine would have to render everything it touched again. In a small hallway with a few Grineer muzzle flashes, this would create wild fluctuations in the rendering complexity… in the outdoor Landscapes it was a faceplant - one muzzle flash light = draw the whole valley again!!! Not only smashing your GPU but also choking the CPU with additional work…

Enhance! This is where the new rendering engine excels. It renders out the attributes of the scene (colors, glossiness, shape) to offscreen buffers. After this, proper dynamic lighting costs hardly more than those terrible glow sprites we’ve used in the past. For realtime shadows, what the light sources ‘see’ are cached and reused when nothing changes. All lighting and reflection probes are stored in a 3D camera voxel texture and applied in single passes where the costs grow linearly, proportional to their size on screen, without incurring huge CPU and GPU penalties to ‘draw the whole world, again and again’.

Show me the money! As you experiment with the new rendering engine keep in mind that until we phase out the legacy system and ensure our new one scales well across High-end PC, consoles, toasters and thermostats, we will not be just turning on dynamic lighting everywhere. We have years of content built with the fear of using dynamic lighting… but there is one place you can go to see the dramatic lift it brings: Landscapes! There in the Vallis, the Plains and the Drift those fuzzy, ambiguous shadow blobs are replaced with dramatically realtime sun shadows! Subtle in many tiles, but not so here!

Using some handy Spoiler Tags, why don't we take a look at some before / after shots?


  Reveal hidden contents








Toast. While it is our intention to phase out the old system we do intend to keep performance and scalability a priority in the new rendering engine. While the new system is dramatically faster for dynamic lighting and shadows, these are not a ‘free lunch’ (**) in any system and we will be vigilant to add additional options giving you the flexibility to tune the new system’s performance for the best Warframe experience possible.

RTX ON? What’s next? Phasing out the legacy system will allow us to focus our efforts on one. This will open the doors for future exploration in new technologies. There’s a lot going on in ray-tracing and machine-learning augmentation of rendering… stay tuned!. 

(*) Technically the old system would render dynamic lights in batches of three. So scene CPU/GPU complexity would double for every 3 lights.

(**) Realtime shadows require you to render the scene from the ‘lights perspective’. This is much faster than the main scene but is extra GPU workload to consider.


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So all in all it looks okay, however I am getting this weird lighting effect with the new engine where some surfaces just get flooded with emisive light where I don't think they should be.

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to add in a picture from before for comparison
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I am still missing the maybe most important dynamic lighting feature here: Explosions do not seem to light the environment.

I was testing explosive weapons in Orb Vallis and while there are beautiful shadows now, firing an explosive into these doesn´t light up the environment.

This makes it still really artificial.

Dynamic lighting for projectiles.... that´s not really a new thing. Maybe time to implement that?

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I don't like to ping so here's just an (at)Steve...

There's been a lot of grievances since the change to texture optimization (and likely compression given the smallening) and it's well known that a lot of people play on systems without dedicated graphics.  I know the next-gen hype is bringing a lot of neato things I'm glad to see. The problem seems to be that these complaints have been around since PoE remaster where, iirc, the open zone area was being ran with the updated game engine to the point that some people simply can't play those zones.

Panic Button already handles the port of the game to a platform without as much umph. The tegra x1 has about 5 years on it now making most non-budget smartphones today at least on par. A proposition, hopefully, worth consideration could have Panic Button, or in cooperation with, port a Windows Store version with the same toned down graphics? Releasing it via a different avenue would introduce the problem with PC hotfixes but would also be clear that it's a different version of the same game, just like how everything is now. This isn't an ideal solution because it would remove regular PC players with lower end hardware away from everyone they already know and have achieved (dojo/clan/etc) but I do think it's worth considering if for no other reason than income from keeping the player base as large as possible.

However, the serendipity here would be that Windows Store Warframe platform could then be cross platform with Nintendo Switch. It may not seem like much of a selling point to everyone but it could pave the path of console/WinStore cross-play. I don't play on console so I'm not sure how often console cert versions end up not matching.


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I just set all effects to ON and I am experiencing LESS gpu workload than before !!!


what sorcery is this ?!?


Before i had to disable high shader and reflections  .... now i can keep them on (and they look better than ever)


I tested this and i usually play at 50 fps capped. Looks promising 😻


Edit 2: to be accurate, with everything enabled, the gpu usage in Fortun goes from 33 with classic to 38 with Enhanced.


EDIT: Black square with sabotage (jupiter) and kuva syphons still remains

if tou have local reflections enabled, screen turns black until you disable it from the menu.


Tesring Scalability .... lowered everything and got my GPU usage at 20 percent ... but still looking good.

Unforunately there are spikes of gpu usage ... gonna stutter on consoles maybe :(


Last Edit: Sadly, when using enhanced raphics, the shadows of warframes (and i assume all animated entities) resamble sausages! ... really ugly, Gonna have to remain with Classic, no reflecions and low shader quality for now

Edited by Doraz_
black squares bug persists :/
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Wow, this is looking good.

First of all: I'm so glad to finally see how you guys plan to tackle next gen! The quality of your content graphic wise has gone up through the years and I can't wait to see how this is all finally implemented. The fact you guys are looking at RTX or similar solutions, even if no promises yet, looks good -- after seeing some raytracing reflections and coming back to a few games, Warframe included, it really makes you realize how far things can be pushed now.

HOWEVER! This is all very beautiful, but with increased resolution comes the realization many assets in the game are not up where they could be. The reason I say this, for instance, is many tintmasks which don't hold up as good as they could, especially up close -- Excalibur Umbra or Chroma Prime being very, very good examples of this. Even standard Excalibur, which was an amazing work by Mynki and one of the best assets in game, shows its age in those 4k shots. How are you guys going to tackle this, is it feasible even, especially looking at the space savings and performance optimizations you always aim for?

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There are a lot of flickering reflections now.

For example, go to Fortuna, go to Eudico. There are water puddles on the ground.

Walk around and view the reflections from a flat angle, the reflections flicker at a high frequenzy. I never noticed this before.

Beta Graphics Engine enabled.

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The visuals and optimization of this game never cease to blow my mind! I've enabled Deferred Rendering a few times and the difference in open worlds is night and day, but at the moment the performance cost is a bit too steep for my liking (dropping from >60FPS to a consistent ~40FPS on my system). I look forward to when the new lighting system is optimized even further!

Thanks DE!



1 hour ago, Damelije said:

I have a nvidia 960 GPU will i still be able to run the game?


Also using a GTX 960, and this is a mood for me 😂

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You guys really should take a look at your autoexposure settings. Because everything turning into a lightbulb when even the tiniest pixel of light pops on screen isn't fun. Derelict tileset doors just flat out can't be seen for becoming pure light, and leaving caves on any map is like looking directly into one of those ultra bright starlight flashlight bulbs from about half a centimeter away. I want to actually see the pretty things in this game, not just be greeted by a pure white screen 99% of the time.

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I noticed a few changes in some decorations in the dojo, for the better btw, but i had 2 areas where the lights just weren't quite right, i don't know why this is the case since in one case i have that room placed in another area of the dojo ant it looks normal








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1 hour ago, [DE]Steve said:

 There in the Vallis, the Plains and the Drift those fuzzy, ambiguous shadow blobs are replaced with dramatically realtime sun shadows! Subtle in many tiles, but not so here!



and they are dramatically garbage


same in day or whenever else.

also this still have no fix rly.

you tell us you not happy when someone say "you dont play your own game"

but if you would this would never be in release:




also. Dear Steve Sinclair, what's your problem with autoexposure toggle? Is it so hard to implement back?


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