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Is there any way to fix the giant shadow circle when you're in open world + archwing?

It happens directly underneath you, and the circle gets bigger/smaller depending on how you currently are in your archwing.

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Would be great if the devs actually fixed the blackscreen issue occurring almost everytime.  This only happen after the latest hotfix. So much for "Enhanced Graphics Engine"

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For some reason things look less clear for me than before, especially going out in the plains sometimes makes everything feel blurry, and even on maxed out settings I can see grass and such loading in only around 15m-20m away from me.

Also there seems to be an intermittent glitch where AF seems to just fail completely, and the floor detail loads in around 3m away just like it's completely off,
I haven't spotted what causes that exactly.

But has anyone else noticed this?
The game basically going into near sighted mode at random around 20% of the time is very unnerving.

My RX 5700 XT was already at FPS cap 99% of the time, so I cant personally testify about any performance improvements.
I am on the latest drivers ofc, and default driver settings.

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