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Quest: The Sacrifice


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You know, this may be an old idea but i can totally get behind the idea of it. At the end of the quest, Excalibur Umbra somehow retrieved his Shawzin and still remembers to play "Smiles from Juran" and a cutscene in which You (Operator) can't move on or believe that the Lotus abandoned you. In the cutscene, the operator is in his/her living quarters of the ship, lonely, and crying for what Lotus did. From there, Umbra enters the room, sits besides the operator and comforts him/her with this song. Now it maybe a bit trivial but it'd be a neat idea that would add so much more depth to the story. For me this would add the idea that Umbra not only mourns his loss but he cares for the operator. As it stands its a bit of an unfinished idea but its a great start. 

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