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L-trig chat broken after 29.2.2 fix for L-trig chat

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Fixed left trigger no longer opening Chat with controller after you save controller bindings once. As reported here!

SteelSeries Duo. Blinks the chat on/off 2-4 times in a single trigger pull. Can be somewhat controlled by slowing squeezing the trigger until it's in the correct state, but it's effectively random with a quick full pull like I used to do. Never had an issue with LT toggling chat before. 

EDIT: Not a problem in the pause menu for some reason. Only bugged in orbiter and relays. 

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Would you be able to open up a support ticket and submit the logs/EE.cfg as requested? In the folder with the logs there should be a folder with a large alphanumeric name that has a "settings" file in it that would be helpful if you could find and send our way as well. It'd help greatly in identifying the issue here, thanks!

Edit: also, we've got to the bottom of the issue with the triggers firing multiple times for opening up chat and it should come in the next hotfix.

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