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Ability weapon sharing of the same name warframes using the Ability weapons

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I am a Korean user and I am not good at English so I used a translator.
I can't attach the video. I'm uploading a YouTube link.


Ability weapons (e.g. Valkyre Talons of Valkyre, Excalibur's Excited Blade, Dexpixia and Diwata of Titania, Archimedes Bow of Ivara, Iron Staff of Ogong, Regulators of Mesa)

For warframes with Ability weapons

The warframes of the same object share all one Ability weapon.

If it's really official and the production company's intention, I think it's going to be a big problem.

I don't understand.

I don't think it's necessary to make multiple warframes of the same

There's love, there's a lot of reasons.

In my case, one set of polarizing operations,

The part where all the settings.

That's what I was thinking about to further refine and characterize.

For example, in the case of a bolt, one for the main force number four.

One for the main force of the second.

I have a plan to make a total of two bolts.

In the case of Titania Prime before that

I personally think it's a warframe that's heavily dependent on the Ability weapon.

The setting of the warframe body remains the same.

Set Dexpixia's settings differently.

I wanted to have different settings with different comparisons and different polarizations.

I never imagined it would get stuck like this.

If this is really official and the production company intended,

In the first place, warframes are impossible to reproduce.

Even if we make a revenge, the polarizing content should be shared with each other.

I keep thinking about it.

So I want you to give me a quick answer on how DE will handle the matter.

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6 minutes ago, Beaoung said:

So I want you to give me a quick answer on how DE will handle the matter.

Ignore it, probably.   You said you wanted a quick answer! 😋

If I'm understanding you correctly, I agree:  it would be nice if we have multiple copies of a frame with an exalted weapon that we'd then also have multiple customizable copies of that exalted weapon that could be switched around.   Or it could be separated from the multiple frame requirement.  For example, if you have Titania and Dex Pixia, there'd be an option in game and/or  the Market to acquire more Dex Pixia.

It seems unlikely to me it gets changed at this point though, except maybe as part of some larger overhaul.  For instance, it DE comes out with a super-forma / multi-polarity system, that would have a side-effect of addressing this problem.


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Likely, DE's answer would be to purchase configuration slots.

My answer, the same, really. There are so few mods for Exalted Weapons that matter, the largest deficit would be umbral forma and that can still be solved with just one umbral polarity, and using regular forma around it. Certain melee mods can be used at a lower rank for not much difference at all, as well. 

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