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Mecha Mod Set unaffected by +Status Duration (Videos included)


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Hello, resident Mecha Mod set user reporting in once more with a disappointing observation. To preface, Gas procs have the benefit of "lingering" after the target they are effecting dies. The duration of the death cloud is determined by the "average of the remaining status effect duration(s)". So when I got ahold of a riven mod for my Dark Sword with +Status duration, I wanted to test an old idea with the Mecha Mod set to see if I could make incredibly deadly clouds that linger for a decent amount of time. So, I readied up my Dark Sword (with a blue energy color) with an infested pet (with a deep pink energy Color) and took to the simulacrum.

Here's the effect without any Status Duration Boosting mods (excluding Saryn's passive):

And here's a video with both my riven and Lingering Torment, a melee mod that increases status duration:

In the first video, you can see that my initial (Blue) gas cloud putters out long before the Mecha-made (Pink) gas clouds do. In the second however, my initial cloud far outlives the pink ones, due to them not inheriting the boosted status duration that I modded onto my Dark Sword. I guess this is because the only thing inherited by status effects spread by the Mecha Mod set is the damage of the proc itself, but it'd be nice if they copied their duration as well.

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