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Tennogen request: Map tiles/chunks and unique maps

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Wouldn't it be cool if the talented community artists could create map tiles and unique maps? It'd increase variety and lighten the developers' workload. They'd, of course, be added free of charge. We've already seen Dojo decorators create awesome tiles with very, very limited resources. I wonder what they could do with a proper mapping tool?

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That would be cool, but as @Scruffel mentionned, there is no direct monetization, so to remunerate artists, DE would have to directly pay them.
Also, map require a good level designs, some hitboxes additionnal stuff for rendering made directly in engine, and probably more stuff I'm not aware of, so it would hardly be doable. by a single person that is not part of the studio.

However, something that could lighten the work and solve the monetization problem would be some Simulacrum skins that apply on the existing maps setup, sold separately.
Simulacrum is a place a lot of people spend time in, so I'm pretty sure a lot of them would pay 10-20$ to get cool skins for it.

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36 minutes ago, Scruffel said:

How will the artists be compensated for their work if these maps will be added free of charge, meaning there's no direct way of monetizing it and means of giving part of the shares to them?

I mean, we could just be contracted by DE to make chunks with help from the office. It's just level design is a bit different area from character/weapons designer and most of us are those.


I guess we could provide modular assets to put together new tiles, and they could also be thrown into Dojo decorations for purchase as a form of monetization.

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5 hours ago, warren685 said:

Or Captura, people who love to fashion frame would love the right setting to match the style their looking for

I think that issue is largely dealt with by using the green-screen background in captura. But I see what you mean. Taking that extra step out might be worth it for some.

As far as gameplay tiles, I think there would be too much pressure from certain parties to create unbalanced "farming tiles". Best not to deal with that.

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