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Tarock Thrown Blade Skin and the Pox


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There's a mismatch in how the Tarock skin and the Pox use their dual energy color slots: Tarock mostly uses the second slot, Pox uses the first slot, which leads to undesirable visuals.

In detail:

Tarock uses Energy to govern the look of its Sentient runes, which make up a big part of its visuals (not sure why it isn't controlled by Emissive). It mostly uses the second energy color slot, the first slot adds a small amount of variety. Pox uses Energy to govern the look of its toxic clouds (in their current iteration - they got changed a bunch of times). It mostly uses the first energy color slot, the second slot adds a small splash of color to the initial detonation.

For example: Say I have a fire theme going, so I'm aiming for mostly red energy to evoke the body of a flame with some yellow to evoke the core of a flame. Say I'm using the Pox with the Tarock skin. If I put red in the first slot and yellow in the second, I get nice fiery Pox clouds that are mostly red with a splash of yellow. But the Tarock projectiles will look mostly yellow with a small amount of red, which looks rather garish. And if I swap the colors, the Tarock skin looks nice and mostly red but now the Pox clouds are mostly yellow.

I'd much appreciate it if there was some consistency to which Energy color slot is the "primary" one and which just adds a splash of color.


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