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Hello All


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Hey everyone,


Not really done the introduction section on gaming forums before but this game has really stole all my spare time so only seems right :D


I played Warframe when it was first released on steam but never really played it much due to a lot of my friends not having any interest so it was kinda pushed aside until a month or two ago when I sat down myself, played it and became addicted.


I started with Mag and its been my main since then, I bought trinity with platinum to test her out and then realized I had all three pieces of her in my foundry when I learned about crafting etc (Typical eh?). I love doing defense/survival missions due to the huge amount of damage numbers on screen which I loved from playing WoW.


A little about my self, I am a graduate of computer video game design where I studied level design and made a game on unreal engine and I also make maps for Source based games like Garry's Mod.

I also play the drums and have been in two bands, one being a alt-rock and the last being metal.


Feel free to drop me a message on here or in-game when I am on and I am always up for doing farming/progression or pretty much anything :D


Hope to see some of you in-game, cheers for reading people!

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