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War Event - Why No Ingame Lore?


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Ok so this time I am really confused.

Previous events had a diorama, a trailer etc giving the details. This time it seems to me all info is in the Forums.

Not a problem you say. Well, it gets so Meta. To get info about the characters and plot in the game, I have to look Outside the game.

I don't like it. Why not gave a info page IN GAME with details, how the reward system works, what the consequences will be.

Now I see two guys, i can fight and 1 takes over corpus node.

Or 2 fights off Grineer giving Tenno to Corpus.

A but weak Lore wise imo.

But hey, maby the new tileset with Alad will clear this up?

My point is, tell us more in the game, the forum now acts like the Tenno hotline, totally immersion breaking.

The event itself is cool, tho i ran with OP vets, who just killed everything.

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Ok codex sounds cool, put wiki in the game thumbs up!

However, id like for info about enemies, events etc to be delivered much like when Lotus talks in a boss mission.

My want is to get info without having to get into a mission, or click a Lore tab.

Kind if like intro movies of sorts, posibly camera flybys in the map, showing the objective, things and like that.

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