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DE and utility


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Allow me to tell you the story of Aura mods:

They began with an event called Artifact Defense Event and work very simply: you select the aura, or artifact as they were called, in the star chart menu. Thats it. No cost and no mod slot. Just select the one you wanted and off you go.

DE decided this wasnt good enough, thus cometh Update 9 and Artifacts turned into Aura mods, installed into Aura mod slots that worked exactly like the current Exilus mods, each costing a certain number of mod points.

Players werent too happy. We went from a true utility of no cost to a system that punished you for equipping them.

So changes were made and the current Aura mod system came to be.



Exilus mod slot was supposed to be the very same thing Aura mods are. Utility. But instead of learning from past design, they decided to make them cost resources to unlock AND take away from the modding points that could go to upgrading a more useful mod.

So almost nobody used them, because there is no reason to waste 13 mod points on a 40% chance to unlock a locked locker.

DE pondered: "Why wont they use the utility mods ? We gave them a standalone slot just for said mods."

The solution wasnt to do the same they did with Aura mods and incentivise players to use them, it was to introduce Drift mods that did basically the same as regular mods in regular slots, boosting your favored Warframe stat: Strength, Duration or Range.

And in present day, thats what Exilus mod slot is. A little bit of extra Strength, Duration or Range in the form of a Drift mod, should you have some mod points left over.

With the addition of an Exilus Adapter required.

Why did DE, in their desire for players to use Utility mods, remove any insentive to doing so by making Exilus mod locked until you aquire an Exilus Adapter ?

Why did they turn a utility mod slot into a discount STR/Range/Duration slot ?



Now it appears to be happening all again with Helmith.

I could pick an utility ability to infuse to my warframe. Masters Call was going to be my choice, because i like leveling my Daimos pets for Son tokens. I wouldnt not just farm affinity but bring it along to missions i otherwise wouldnt, keeping it alive with said ability.

But that stops me from infusing Roar. Or Pillage. Or any other "useful" ability instead. One that keeps ME alive.

Thus, i have no insentive to use those Utility abilities DE so very much wishes players would do, to the point they nerf more attractive and popular abilities, in a vein effort to, in their mind, make the choice between a niche utility and a prodigal roar more balanced.

But thats like offering me pizza with my favorite topping combo, "balanced" by a few easily removable bits of pineapple added. Or as an alternative, snacking on the bits of gravel.

Why is DE self sabotaging their goal of driving players towards utility mods ?


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We're so overpowered currently that to take the most "useful" option for everything at once is a waste. Yes you can run Roar, drift mods, a pure "mandatory" mod weapon build, and so on all at the same time but then you're dealing so much damage to enemies that unless you're using something like a stug you'll need to be doing endurance runs on SP for any of that damage to matter.

Utility options can be used in place of these options on some of your build while the more efficient ones are used as necessary. Like using Roar for your damage while slotting utility on your weapon or vice versa.

Yes the system isn't incentivizing us to use utility but the alternative is only offering the incentive of having values in greater excess than anything the game requires. But no matter what incentivizing they could do for utility options it's still up to players to choose that over excess.

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1 hour ago, LoneDirewolf said:

i have no insentive to use those Utility abilities DE so very much wishes players would do, to the point they nerf more attractive and popular abilities, in a vein effort to, in their mind, make the choice between a niche utility and a prodigal roar more balanced.


To be honest, I'm not sure I quite follow your logic at the end here. 

If you are leveling pets, Masters Summons should be more useful than Roar. Most content in the game doesn't really require much power or especially any extra buffs. And if you are leveling a pet, why would you take it to anything where Roar would really start to make a difference? The answer is you wouldn't. 

You aren't giving up power, as your frame didn't have Roar in the first place. You are choosing utility over overkill power.

Also, you can have three loadouts on the same frame with different setups, so I don't really see how you are that limited in choices. 

You can have a utility loadout, an endless, serious loadout, and one for experimenting. 

On my Ash, I do something similar. I have one config for Perspicacity, as he is my main spy frame, one for my main helminth ability infusion and one for experimenting. You could use two configs for utility, and one for power buffing, etc. Whatever you want, it's your playground. 

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