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Syandana Energy Color Completely Vanishing In Railjack, Archwing, Arsenal, Etc.!

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There is currently a tremendous bug affecting syandanas with external effects (I guess you can call them “energy tails”), most notably the Uru Prime and the Misa Prime, that disables their current state of colorization, and sends them back to their default state.

There’s several instances of how this bug is affecting syandanas, and most notably, is the one in Railjack. Your chosen energy colors completely vanish from the syandana, and turn default blue:

Railjack bug is very noticeable.

This bug extends into other parts of the game that are hard to go unnoticed.

Going down in a mission completely removes your desired colors as well, along with all your immersion:

This is easily reproduced in the simulacrum by the way.

Navigating through your arsenal, and switching into archwing all trigger a flickering effect, that triggers my extreme OCD, now that I’ve noticed and become hyper-aware of the issue:

It happens for a split frame, the more you watch, the more you become aware - the more it consumes you.

I can’t even enjoy wearing the Misa Prime in it’s current condition, because I know I’ll suffer for trying to enjoy a consistent experience that won’t disrupt my game-flow.

Please, I urge that this get’s looked into, and hopefully fixed. Most of the game (for me) which is fashion, remains unplayable. Thanks.


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