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Here's a list of current issues that keep cropping up.


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Not gonna waste space making nine different posts, so here's a list of stuff I've noticed recently.

-Survival AI is completely messed up. Enemies aren't aggro-ing properly, their pathing is completely broken, and they run away from us instead of towards us. This is ridiculous. I get that AFK macro idiots are a problem, but how about punishing them instead of punishing the entire player-base because of their actions.

-Nikana Zaws. For the millionth time. Fix the holster animations and sugatra positioning.

-The galvarc is still broken in Rail Jack, It does one single tick of damage and then immediately cuts out.

-Tusk gunners still melt lures in Eidolon hunts.

-Enemies are still spawning inside caves underneath "control the area objectives" on PoE and auto failing them.

-There's a new bug during Eidolon hunts where you lose complete functionality of your frame after transferring back into it from operator, to the point where you can't even press T to open chat, let alone aim or move properly.

-Vomvalyst spawns are still far too thin and buggy. They seem to like spawning in the air for some reason.

-Amp self-stagger is still something that never should've been added.

-Iso vault runs sometimes fail to finish registering as being completed, forcing you to leave since you can't select a bounty from Mother if the game thinks you still have one going.

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