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Helminth Flowers still being hidden within the walls of the Helminth room


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So im a handful of subsumes into the Helminth system and after subsuming Ivara and her flower winding up being more gray they yellow/orange even though i was only using default colors i decided to start taking screenshots of each new subsume to better track each new flower that grows from the wall, and im glad i did as it appears that some flowers can still grow in the wall, or possibly fail to grow.

Yesterday I subsumed mag and took a screenshot right after starting the process, it's been over 24 hours and mag is now fully subsumed and Helminth is ready to accept another frame, but looking at my wall no new flower is visible. Here's some screenshots to help show the missing flower:

Mag at the start of the subsume process. 8 flowers are visible, she is my 9th subsumed frame:


(also note, the second flower on the bottom from the right is Ivaras using only it's default colors, im not quite sure why that flower isnt orange/yellow instead.)

Mag subsume process is complete after 24 hours. Note the same 8 flowers are visible, there is no new flower visible. (i was not present within the orbiter at the end of the subsume countdown, i wasn't even logged into the game when it ended):


Step back towards the entrance of the Helminth room and you can see the glow of each flower is much brighter then when up close, and if you look where ive marked on the image below, there appears to be an add glow that doesnt seem to match the rest of the ambiance of the room. To me this looks like Mag's flower grew in the wall and is completely covered:


The above shows that there may still be issues/bugs with the generation of the flowers.

I'd like to also take this moment to suggest that perhaps this particular part of the Helminth room needs to be slightly redesigned to be a little flatter/less bulbous, that or perhaps the generation of the flowers needs to be less randomized and moved to slightly more specified locations/directions to avoid this issue. Or maybe let us use the console that let's us rename Helminth at the entrance of the room to also move the flowers around? Fashionframe is a huge part of the game, and dare i say it, but FashionFlower is too.


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