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Helminth Subsumed Abilities Menu QOL


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I was just wanting to request you please modify the helminth subsumed abilities list behaviour slightly.

When we sit a frame in the chair to consider swapping an ability out, we should be able to preview the stats of the abilities given our current frame and mods.

It would be very, very good to be able to see what we're Actually about to apply to our frame, know what i mean? Like the way we have a toggle to "show base stats" for abilities perhaps? :)

For example one of the first things I did was put a Dispensary on a super low duration nekros, and it was nigh useless due to it taking too long to poop the items out and the resulting duration being next to nothing. It would have been excellent to know exactly how long the Dispensary would actually last on my equipped frame/build before using the resources to find out.

Same goes for abilities that buff damage and stuff- it would be awesome to know exactly how much a buff would be on our particular frame/build, accurate duration, etc.

Oh also you can't search the subsumed abilities list by frame name it seems, which would be a lovely touch if you wouldn't mind <3

I think if I remember right you can search by frame name only if the ability hasn't already been subsumed, though I could be mistaken there.


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