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Another Ash Rework Idea


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Cause I'm sure people aren't already tired of seeing these.

Passive: Ash can sense enemies within 20 meters of him even through walls. Enemies are highlighted and show up through walls. This is to help him use Shuriken, Blade Storm, and my reworked idea for Teleport.

This passive doesn't replace the current passive but adds on top of it.

Shuriken: Reduce total number of Shuriken to 1. Add 15%/30%/50%/70% armor stripping to ability.
Seeking Shuriken: Change it so that Shuriken will chain to 1/2/2/3 additional targets within 10 meters of the target. Each additional target will receive less damage (follow through .75).

Smoke Screen: Create a cloud of smoke that has a 3/9/12/15 meter radius that last 2/4/6/8 seconds. Enemies inside the cloud become blind for the duration. Allies inside the cloud are invisible for the duration. Allies stay invisible for 1/2/3/4 seconds after leaving the cloud. Energy cost increased to 50.
Smoke Shadow: Enemies are no longer blinded, but do get staggered. Invisibility lasts 2/4/6/8 seconds after leaving the cloud.

Teleport: Ash teleports to a target and does a special melee attack, this attack does finisher damage against normal enemies but only normal melee damage against enemies immune to finisher damage (bosses), it will also deal finisher damage to enemies that normally can't be targeted by a finisher such as osprey. Can be cast through walls and doors so long as they're on the same tile, and through unlocked doors leading to other tiles. Ash will do 125%/150%/175%/200% extra melee damage. Killing an enemy will refund 50% energy.
Shadow Step (replaces Fatal Teleport): Ash no longer does an attack after teleporting, instead Ash leaves a shadow clone behind which explodes dealing 100/250/350/500 damage in 10 meter radius. Increases Teleports range by 50%.

If you can't tell my idea of improvement on the first three abilities is just bake in the augmentation mods. My logic is that none of Ash's abilities stand well on their own with the exception of maybe Smoke Screen (though Smoke Screen is just a subpar version of Invisibility).

Blade Storm: Ash no longer has to mark targets. Ash will send out 3 shadow clones to attack 10 enemies (scales with power) in front of him up to 20/30/40/50 meters. The clones will do 500/1000/1500/2000 true damage. Blade Storm can now be charged up to three levels increasing the power of his clones attack. Level 1 can be cast by tapping the ability button or by filling less than one bar and it will only deal 1x damage and costs 50 energy. Level 2 requires one charge bar to be filled and will do 2x damage, it costs 100 energy to cast. Level 3 requires fully charge both bars dealing 3x damage, it costs 150 energy to cast.

My idea of Blade Storm is to mix both old and "new." It probably needs to be more refined more, but this should make it easier to use and speed up killing by having the clones deal 1-3 times damage instead of having to attack a target 3 times.

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