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Fix Tesla Nervos


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I didn't write it sooner cuz i don't play vauban. but i currently love tesla nervos protea so this issue really ruins what is to me one of the best setups i've ever played.


In short:

- after being thrown, make ball attatch to the target immediately if collided with.

currently it collides, falls, stop and if you are lucky it targets the enemy you actually wanted to stun


- fix shock status proc from stopping the ball from connecting with the target

currently, if the enemy is being electrified, the ball will not jumo but just push against it xD

really anmoying in groups, fixable by ball resetting enemy state, or attatching regardless, wastingg a shock proc (not the end of the world).


- finally, give the balls a "priority target" routine, where in an "x" area they will target the vip/heavy unit instead of mobs.

Really helps with the augment, as it is based on damage dealt.


Thank u 🙏

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34 minutes ago, ShyGuySpirit said:

I play mainly Vauban and I rely on the shock more than the attach. It's working fine for me.

the cc is very good, as it so much easier to make headshots as well.


the augment is just crazy good against anything that un-armored.

6 hours ago, chaotea said:

Yes DE, fix his balls! Take a good long look at his balls! His balls dont work right! His balls arn't sticking!


Im sorry

It was either you saying this, or me talking about ball-fondling. 

1 hour ago, PotatoJias said:

Vauban main here, 99% of the time they attach to targets that end up very far from you applying cc to a target that is not needed. The tesla should stay close to vauban and only shock targets that are near him to apply helpful cc to targets.

mmmm, a max area is cool BUT once the enemy starts firing at you balls need to go after it regardless.

If line of sight and being attacked can override that "stay close" behaviour (trigger that tells 1 ball to attack that target) then it would work :)

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