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Ideas on better rewards for Steel Path.


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19 hours ago, (PS4)Madurai-Prime said:

So you are intentionally weakening your build? Is that what you're saying? I just want to make sure I understand you correctly.

And you are also still one-shotting enemies after 1 hour.....so where is the risk, again? Are you making yourself easier to kill, yet still using properly modded weapons? You should clarify, because to me it sounds like you're intentionally "gimping yourself" and using that as an excuse to say Steel Path is "high risk" and therefore should give higher rewards. 

But I'll let you clarify, because as of right now, it seems like you're intentionally making the content seem harder on purpose to justify calling is higher risk.

I'm saying we have to if we want to face tougher encounters under the new system aswell, unless we are ready to wait like under the old system.

The risk is there simply because the damage is higher, so a single mistake costs more. How is the concept of risk so hard to understand? If something takes half the amount of time to kill you the risk is twice as high. It doesnt matter if you play Inaros and go from requiring 1000 hits to get killed down to 500 hits to get killed, the risk is still twice as high even though the likelyhood of getting killed is low.

No one but you uses the word "harder". Try and grasp the concept of risk instead of trying to think someone talks about challenge, difficulty or harder content. SP is neither of those 3, it is simply a higher risk area. 

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On 2020-10-10 at 3:41 AM, TheLexiConArtist said:

Personally, I consider the steel essence economy a complete irrecoverable trainwreck and wouldn't be surprised if all these recent complaints about "random" bans until 2035 are actually just DE tagging people who abused the Sealab Hole on Ophelia significantly.

Nope, I have not even done earth on SP and I got it too. I refuse to do SP as there's not actually anything different to it than just higher enemy stats...


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