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Orb vallis memory leak? Incredibly punishing fps

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Orb vallis is the only open world area that I can't do with other people, either it takes a frustratingly long time to load and freezes constantly or it just boots me out of their session, I tried to do exploiter orb and it froze whenever someone ripped out one of her parts to expose it, then it dcd everyone and i was left with a mini exploiter orb that I couldn't do anything to, it literally felt like I was punishing other players because of how horrible it is, leaving deck 12 takes atleast 2 min of loading and incredibly low fps. Plains of eidolon runs perfectly fine, as does cambion drift and both load within seconds. So why does orb vallis, something older and less noisy than deimos take forever to load, stutters like crazy and freezes me constantly when i try to play with others?

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