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Interception bug (probable cause-host migration)


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I went to do some rounds of void interception with a premade squad(i was not the host),the mission vote was done,the timer ran down,when the timer finished and the sreen changed to the transition black screen,i saw a host migration occur,in the bottom right i saw that it showed me that my squadmates left and when it transitioned to the loading screen,i saw their loading progress and ships,after loading into the mission i had only the A tower on the top left of my screen,i could see the other towers in the minimap,but i couldnt tell which one was being captured by enemies.
 here are the scsreenshots      https://drive.google.com/file/d/12FYADv9OKygVf-72dZwvJGbYCKifR4yF/view

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