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Sepulcrum fire rate doesn't increase with Warframe abilities


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As title states, the Sepulcrum doesn't increase its fire rate properly when combined with Warframe abilities.

All tests were completed by firing as fast as I could click since

The Sepulcrum I am using has Lethal Torrent on it making the fire rate 5.87. It takes between 18 and 19 seconds to fully empty the magazine. 19 / 5.87 is also 15.33 so the initial fire rate might also be wrong.

Testing with my Harrow using Penance's fire rate boost of 69%, it still takes between 16 and 17 seconds to fully empty the magazine. This is no where near where the mathematical fire rate of 9.92 and mathematically emptying the magazine in 9 seconds.

This needs fixing because the weapon is fun, it just needs a fire rate increase to make it worth using.

Another bug this weapon has is that there is no consistent ability to fire. Many times the gun will just not fire and seem to wait until the next opportunity it has to fire. This is extremely frustrating when combined with the issue above and subpar fire rate.

Also could the Alt Fire mechanic of the weapon select up to 5 enemies in a small area around the reticule? It is pretty obnoxious to have to hover over them in a game where many things die before you can swing over them.


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