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Daughter’s Costume Party Contest [Winners Announced]!


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The Entrati admire many traits, but resourcefulness is paramount! This Halloween, to celebrate Daughter’s favourite time of year, we present a contest that will put your resourcefulness to the test. Design a Warframe costume using nothing but common household items. You can dress up as a Warframe, a Domestik Drone, Mr. Bitey Scratchikins – anything in Warframe! Daughter welcomes all to her costume party.

How to enter:

Using only common household items, dress up as a Warframe character! Share a picture of your Warframe costume in the this thread for judging. Feel free to include details about your design with your submission!

Need an example?



  • One submission per player
  • Costume must be designed for a person (not an animal or object)
  • Costume must be of a Warframe character
  • Costume must only use common household items and materials
  • Submission must be appropriate for the community forums
  • Submission must be your original work
  • Do not reserve spots in the contest thread
  • Submissions must be in the official contest thread
  • Submissions that do not follow these rules will be disqualified


  • 1st place – Nezha Prime Access and your costume shared on the @PlayWarframe Twitter!
  • 2nd place – 1000 Platinum and your costume shared on the @PlayWarframe Twitter!
  • 3rd place – 750 Platinum and your costume shared on the @PlayWarframe Twitter!
  • 4th place – 750 Platinum!
  • 5th place – 500 Platinum!

Winners will be determined based on the creativity and resourcefulness of their submitted costume. We’re looking for low budgets and a whole lot of imagination!

This contest starts now until Thursday, October 29 at 1:00 PM ET


Show Daughter what you can do, Tenno!

5 minutes ago, [DE]Helen said:

I can't thank you all enough for not only participating but encouraging one another and enjoying each other's costumes. This contest was so much fun and we were very impressed by your creations. Thank you for attending Daughter's Costume Party! Daughter couldn't be happier. 😄

You can watch the full winner reveal on Home Time #30!

Official Winner List:


Honorable Mentions:


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28 минут назад, (PS4)Bean_Consumer7 сказал:

I’ll be surprised if someone manages to dress up as xaku.Also I bet xaku mains be grooving with sponky skeletal xaku memes.(In Halloween or sponktober).

What you did bro? You sayin you said sponktober? Well, let me show you the power of calcum. SPOOKTOBER

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Il y a 15 heures, [DE]Helen a dit :


Hello Helen! I wondering if using crayons or common household pens to paint parts of our bodies qualify for the costume?

Not painting every part of our body and making the body paint a costume but rather having a part in our costume where it's our skin but it's paintend. Other parts would still be worn objects. Would that qualify? thanks a lot.

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Excalibur Umbra, made from a yoga mat, ripped up leather table cloth, cardboard and a curtain.

Yoga mat was used for the main body piece, i just used white paint for the stripes. Helmet, edo prime shoulders and targis prime chest and legs are cardboard. To give them a clean look i cut up an old synthetic leather table cloth i had lying around and wrapped them. Scarf and cape are just an old curtain.


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I made this corpus helmet a couple years ago. It's made of cardboard, masking tape, and some silver spray paint my mom had lying around. It's the definition of "low-budget". I'd love to make a new costume but I'm already freaking out over all the art I have left to do.




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