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Kuva Lich stole my Umbra Forma BP

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*Lich steals alloy plate*

Tenno: "K then."

*Lich steals anything genuinely Precious*

Tenno: "KICK IN THA DOOR WAVIN THA .44!"*Gunshots* 

it does amuse me how suddenly motivated people are to kill their lich when they take something like that. it goes from "I don't care" to "I'm John Wick and you just Killed my dog, that's how f***ed you are!" XD

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Same happened to me. Bit annoying since I won't be killing my lich until it's  efficient to do so, which means I'll have to wait until the next wave of NW (since I'm currently at prestige cap) and until a Kill Kuva Lich weekly objective shows up.

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On 2020-10-10 at 2:36 AM, EmberStar said:

Like they said, it's not permanent.  The jerk just dumps it all in a storage unit somewhere, you get it all back when you take the Lich out.  (Kill or convert, either way you get your stuff.)

They should have something actually happening on the stolen item so it's not your personal storage unit

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I actually said before i started the mission to my clan that I guarantee the lich will take my BP (Lich was on Lua), exactly the same thing happened, I laughed.

So when it actually dies, ill get 3 rivens, 1 umbra BP, a bunch of kuva and some endo, the rest is worthless. Ill kill it later. 

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I am absolutly floored by the fact that I haven't seen any apaling complaints about the lich system in this thread.

I will then completely delete my original post, that was written a bit too hastily, and just congratulate the community on being somewhat reasonnable.

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I have issues with the lich system, but overall I enjoy it, if anything they are a bit too pussy footed.

I miss the kill on fail, id like them to bring it back at least *some* of the time
I think its great they can steal rivens and other rewards.
I wish there was more to their fights then just giving them beatdowns (ala what we saw at tennocon)
Taxes should scale up to 75% at level 5
They should have 'boss nodes' that guarantee spawns, especially at Max rank with all requiems know.
I like the fact the levels scale with the lich
Thralls should be like mini bosses rather than just normal enemies
list goes on, but overall i enjoy it

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