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Spawning in railjack bug + not appearing in trading list (months old bug now)

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I've become so used and jaded about this that I have a copy paste for every trader I invite to my dojo... as do most other regular traders I know.

When someone spawns into the railjack, you can't see them in the trading list.
Speaking of which, if your trading room is far enough from the spawn room, you can't trade either. Unless the other person fast travels or uses a teleport.

The reason I'm posting this now is when someone shared this dojo design / pictures and I thought it was brilliant.
and then I thought why is it even required.

Can railjack spawning please be fixed?



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This bug has been going on since railjack was added to the game, i have not seen DE make a single comment about it anywhere.  Its clear they have no plans to fix it or have no idea how to fix it and thus choose to ignore the tens of thousands of players having this bug happen to them every single day.

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