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War In My Warframe?


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Yes, I smell it! This event gave one good thing — sense of war and sense of smithing your fate.

But... why should make it an event only? Why not to bring it literally on the global map?


That's how I see it — Every node of the map can belong to one of the three faction and little "flag" of Tenno presence on that node. Each node has several different "Health" bars like "supplies", "personnel", "morale"(?) and special "intel collected" bar.


First, you are picking the node. Second, you are picking the mission type. Set of possible missions defines by all 4 bar values.


Basically, 3 mission types available: SPY, SABOTAGE and DECEPTION. If you gather enough intel, SURVIVAL and RESCUE becomes available. If you'll be able to lower three bars, Tenno presence activated, giving you a possibility to get a DEFENCE mission.


Depletion of bars gives temporary control over this node, increasing your income from any mission by small percent. Then node joins the "Dead space" of infestation and could be captured by any faction, effectively resetting bars or being "purged" by Tenno to get temporary control again.

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Like Dawn of War Dark Crusade? Or Planetside 2, havent played it so this is just my guess.


I would love to have central nodes that can change hands, not all tho - we need some stability after all.


The conflict can be tied to several storylines involving new and old Bosses, new Warframes, weapons and such. I think this is the best road DE can take after the event.


The biggest and coolest move would be, after the event is over, or drawing to a close, cruisers of Infested crews start crashing into the battle. This would mean releasing the third Faction and Chaos would ensue :)


And the eneb BIGGER move would be for the Infested to speak to Tenno, offering to be allies. Of course this would require a storyline, a new goal etc, so it wont happen now. But who knows? Maby when the infested get their makeover.

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