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ATTO, the one inch Warframe!


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INTRODUCTION: Titania is the only warframe that can shrink, that's thanks to how archwing hitbox work in normal missions, reducing the warframe size to 25%, this warframe requires no archwing, he can still use his weapons normally, but can also change his hitbox size at will.


ATOMIC CLOCK(PASSIVE): A basic clock passive on the UI that ticks with the rate of 1 second each second, after every 15 seconds an active ability will have it's duration increased by 25%

EXPONENTIAL MAGNITUDE(FIRST ABILITY): shrink down to 25% of your original size, enemies targeting you are 75% less accurate, energy capacity is compressed, in exchange, your damage output is multiplied by 2x affected by strength

DENSITY BELT(SECOND ABILITY): PRESS to turn the switch on your Atomic bio belt, reducing gravity and increasing agility and parkour velocity in the air. HOLD to turn it the other way, reducing your movement speed and jump height, becoming heavier but give you up to 50% damage reduction 

ATOMIC GRENDADE(THIRD ABILITY): throw three enlarged atoms that ricochet off of surfaces and enemies, exploding on every impact, until the duration wares off, or one of the atoms collide with each other creating a chain reaction and causing a massive explosion

UNCERTAINTY(FOURTH ABILITY): Place yourself in a quantum-like state, turning the atomic clock at random points in time every 5 seconds affected by power duration, with a 50% chance of being close to the 15 second mark that increases ability duration. based on where that point in time, all of your stat values changes accordingly, your health, shields, energy, ammo, combo counter and other friendly buffs or ability buffs, like damage reduction, damage buffs, etc

the ability lasts for 90 seconds at base and that is affected by power duration.



MORE EXPLAINATION ABOUT THE UNCERTAINTY ABILITY: I know what you're thinking, this is another temporal anchor, well yes but actually no, this ability is based on temporal anchor that is correct, as i am a big fan of protea, but it does things that her anchor can't do

it synergize with his abilities.

it doesn't teleport him back to his original state, which doesn't slow him down

it can reapply any friendly buffs of any kind, like rhino's roar, valkyr's warcry, etc

the only bad thing about it, is it's randomness and it reliance on time and chance, but that's all can be micromanaged because the lifetime of this ability is long.

another great things about this ability is choice, you can mod for negative duration to reduce the 5 seconds timer between each clock change, and have a rapidly unstable clock that will have a faster and higher chance of boosting the duration of all of your other abilities, or mod for high duration and have prolonged reapplied buffs and stats

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1 hour ago, (XB1)SirMilkfiend said:

That sounds like fun :) I'm not sure what his ultimate is meant to do could you explain it again?

1. it makes his Atomic clock passive jump to random points in time every few seconds, the clock passive counts the seconds spent on a mission, so when it jumps to a specific time your stats will change according to what hey were at that time, it's like time travel without actually moving anywhere

2.random jumps have a 50% chance to be at a time where your passive got activated, his passive gives him 25% duration to an active ability after every 15 seconds 

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