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So I'm Stuck With The Winning Sides Gun, No Matter What...


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Bad design. Should have reversed the losing prizes DE. I'd have no problem not getting the free slot, catalyst, and pre-built weapon if it meant I got the weapon I wanted, but the way it's designed I'm stuck with the crappy Grineer gun when the Grineer win, no matter what I do. So going against the "flow" doesn't even give me a choice of rewards, just a choice to get crappier version of the same reward. Doesn't make much sense.


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you will be "stuck" with the winners gun.

deal with it.


side note:

there is speculation that this event will play out in a similar fashion to how the frost prime one did...

in other words, you will get a gun/bp of something that is not released for a while.

if that is the case (please DE, let it be) we might very well have access to both of them, and only have to farm for one (or two if you only got the BP).


again, this is only speculation, but given that they have models of both guns, its very hard to believe they will just toss it aside.

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My problem is just that they took away the personal value of my choice. Like I said, if I supported corpus, and by doing so got the Corpus blueprint if they lost, then it would be a meaningful choice. But since everyone is jumping on the Grineer bandwagon all they've done is give me a choice between the Grineer Pistol pre-built with a slot and a catalyst, or a Grineer pistol blueprint. So choosing the Corpus knowing they are going to lose becomes a truly ridiculous proposition. I'm just choosing to impact nothing and be rewarded less of the same thing.

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So do you guys put effort into not reading the descriptions properly?


If you side the the Corpus and the corpus WIN you get the gun with a free slot & reactor.


If you side with the Corpus & they LOSE you get the BLUEPRINT for the gun, but not reactor or slot.


So if you back the Corpus and they DO NOT WIN, you STILL get the blueprint for the Detron as well as (unless its worded wrong) the Blue print for the Brakk.


So the only difference is, if you pick the winning side, you get a totty & a slot as well as a weapon you don't have to craft, so even if you pick the losing side you still get the blueprints & can build the one you want!


I don't know about the rest of you but i'm going to kill me some Grineer, who knows perhaps if we all stop whining & actually try to win we may actually have a chance!

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I agree with this. They should validate the choices of people who don't just want to rush dump the popular side. If the Corpus lose, I'd at least like the blueprints for THEIR gun.


While I really want the Grineer gun so I am fine with the current situation, there is no reason to not have it like this. If you sided with Corpus, you should get their blueprint if they lose.

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I'm glad I can't get locked out of 6K mastery xp for being a corpus fanboy, I don't care about the slot/tater/resources/time, I don't mind building the gear since we will probably lose. It's better than all or nothing. Still going Corpus because of RP purposes/leaderboards/battle pay/personal bias/Ruk is a... poo poo head...

However I would prefer it the way t4m5t3r described, where Corpus fanboys get corpus toy blueprints and Grineer fanboys get tater'd prebuilt grineer toys, and we'd always be separated in our arsenal by our choices. Now that would be cool and define us as players. They should've asked the design council about which way they'd rather do it.

I suspect the losing team's T3 reward will be clan tech a bit after the event. The T2 item... I don't know, probably going bye bye.

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You're wrong.


If you side with the WINNING SIDE you get THEIR GUN FOR FREE.


If you side with the LOSING SIDE you get the BLUEPRINT FOR THE WINNING SIDE.


People read HALF of the post (if that) and then start to scream.


Literary comprehension fail.

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