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Syndicate Defense Missions Feedback


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Hello my DEarest DE (got it? :P)

Summary: Syndicate Defense Missions are waaaay too long & boring.

Suggestion: Make it 5 "waves" instead of 10; and/or make the "waves" spawn all enemies of the "wave" at once or in 2 times instead of nearly 1 by 1 enemy spawn.


Development: Hello ! I do (or try my best to do) all Syndicate missions daily and also find all (or sometimes 7/8) medallions in all missions as I find very amusing and rewarding. Most of the standing I use on relic packs or help friends to get their needed mods nowadays since I got everything else I needed from syndicates. But the defense missions are always extremely boring. I yawn like 100 times from start to finish. It takes like 20 minutes and in bigger maps like 30 minutes to do one syndicate defense mission cause the enemies come almost 1 by 1, walking super slowly from far distances. 90% of the time is just waiting enemies to come to the objective. Also, defense missions usually have 0 or 2 or 4 medallions in the map only instead of the regular 8 in the other missions (interception missions also suffer this, although sometimes there are 6 medallions and interception missions can be done a lot faster than defense missions). So as I said above, I'd suggest to improve this experience and make it worth doing it, making it 5 waves instead of 10 and/or make the waves spawn all enemies at once instead of this almost 1 by 1 slow spawn.


Another "minor" issue that could be improved, if you guys find the love in your heart for it (and the dev time), is the gigantic map size for capture missions, since we finish the mission in 30 seconds but takes like 20+ minutes to search the whole map to find all medallions... XD  Sabotage map missions are also very huge and takes a long time to find all medallions, but since they take a bit more map space to complete than capture, this feels a bit less painful.


Anyway, I absolutely love Warframe and DE, I never miss a stream and I spend as much money as I can in Plat and Prime Access and etc... <3


Thanks for all the great work and I hope you take my threads as a suggestion and not a complaint, since I love y'all so much.

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I said it in another thread but what we should be able to do is hack a console to set of the alarms to cause the enemies to rush, turn it into a "defend the objective and exhaust local enemy troop supply" kinda game since the current version of them 'assaulting' a target in these slow waves doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

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