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Feedback about the Halloween Event (generaly the only real gamer's Dream i have in Video Games about Skins, Decorations, etc...)


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Good Evening DE,

I want to ask you if you can do some things for this event please :

1) an Halloween orbiter Theme (ex : replace the Snowman of the Winter Theme by a Squeleton, the Tinsel by Spider-Webs, Pumpkins, etc...)

2) new Halloween themed Decorations (Pumpkins, Spider-Webs, Skulls, Candles, etc...)

3) "generics" Glyphs (like Pumpkins, ideal for helping like Decorations in the Orbiter)

4) i like the New Naberus Glyphs (Stinkeye, Rotting and Grapeskull) and the New Naberus Sigil (Grim Grin), and i'd like to see if you can create a Glyph, in the same style of the 3 others (but in Dark Red color with Black Background like the others), with the Sigil (my fav "Halloween-style" of all, but sad we don't have in Glyph, and i don't like the colors of the others.

5) in the same way of the 3rd point, the same thing but for the 3 Glyphs in Sigils, with the same style of the Grim Grin Sigil

I don't generaly ask for Glyphs or Decorations, but i'm a fan of Necromancers Themed in each game where i can have this theme, and the Halloween's period is a good period for have this sort of Decorations, Skins, etc... so i can do some exceptions sometimes when i ask for something like this, and if we never ask something, we rarely have this thing 💀🎃💀🎃

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