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Credits For Corpus, Catalyst For Grineer?


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It is so unbalanced, and terribly unfair.  Those of us who opted for Corpus never even had a chance, going up against Orokin Catalyst blueprints?  Morphics?  What do you offer for Corpus?  Credits.  Measley stinking credits.


DE... you guys screwed this event up.  It's not fair that those of us commited to corpus are doomed to blueprints, missing out entirely on the supercharged weaponry because you guys didn't make a fair reward system.


Friggin credits.



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im still going with the notion that this will turn out like the frost prime reward.

i really do hope that we can get both weps after the event is said and done, as it would be a waste to just lose one of them after all the work they put in them.


if DE does just do away with the extra gun... well... ill lose a little bit of respect for them.

what i mean by this is that we will eventually have access to both guns at some point.

just that some will get one sooner than the other.


its just speculation, i know, but given DEs past, its a fair guess.

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I agree that rewards for doing missions drive ppl to grineers, even though they want to support Corpus. After all, everyone wants ingame items, and when they offer you resource vs credits, with few millions of credits you rather take resources to craft something.


What to do for ballancing this: Hide rewards, instead show reputation with each faction, and give equaly good rewards for certain amount of reputation. That is gained by doing missions for chosen faction. 


Example: Do 1 mission for corpus, gain 10 rep. Then do 1 for grineer, gain 10 with them, but loose 5 with corpus, to ballance it. And make it so ppl wont try to get both rewards, only one reward could be given for each mission:)

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No, you get the reward for completed location, you could for example run 5 times on it, or 25 times, and your reward would remain the same.

for t1 rewards, you play for 5 missions to get them.


the topic at hand is the fact that DE seems to be favoring grineer heavily with said rewards.

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