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Near complete loss of functionality during Eidolon Hunts, 2 different instances, same result.


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Both seem to be caused by transferring to and from operator mode.

The first is easy to explain. You can do absolutely nothing except call an archwing or k-drive. You cannot roll, shoot, jump, melee or use any other gear items. Worst of all, you cannot even press T to open chat to tell your team that it happened. The only way to get rid of it is to die, and even then, you have to wait for the bleedout timer to completely kill you before you regain the ability to have any input you make actually register.

The second is a little trickier to explain. When it happens, your movement relative to your camera position becomes locked off in that direction, though you can still move your camera afterwards, and move, jump, roll and use gear items, but you cannot shoot. This scrambles movement inputs based on the position of your camera and how you were moving when it happened. For example, right will move you backwards, backwards will move you left, left will move you forwards, forwards will move you left. You can get rid of it by launching your archwing and melee'ing out of it.

The first one is easily the worst bug I've ever run into in all the years I've played, and really needs to get fixed. Not being able to do anything, even type "I'm bugged, let me die." is a worst case scenario in an Eidolon Hunt.

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