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Fatal Teleport MfD: Rapier vs Hammer



Hammer has two 12x attacks for Back Finishers while Rapier has three 8x attacks.  Does MfD treat these as one 24x attack or as a  single 12x and 8x attack respectively?

Trying to decide between Destreza Prime, Fragor Prime and Kuva Shildeg for a Fatal Teleport MfD Ash build and would like to the understand how the damage is calculated.

Opinions on best weapon for such a build?  The bleed proc on Rapier Finisher goes nicely with Ash's passive, but the other two also have their own pros.  Shildeg can do a 9x Stealth Damage Multiplier. Fragor can get to a 4x static combo multiplier which makes Blood Rush viable for finishers without melee, but does eat up mod slots.

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Seems Rapiers are 10.67 x 3 attacks for Back Finishers, so it's one 10.67x attack for MfD.  With Ash's bleed passives this is still more overall damage on target than Hammer 12x.  If the AoE bleed procs also scale with his passive, the Rapier will do a lot of DoT.

This has to compare with Shildeg's 9x Stealth Damage Multiplier.  Assuming +150% CD from Organ Shatter and Gladiator Might, Destreza Prime gets the multiplier to be 1 + 7 + 7.5 = 15.5x (7.5 is +150% of its base 3.0 CD). While Shildeg has 1 + 9 + 6.75 = 16.75.

Comparing weapon damage has 170 for the Rapier and ~265 for Shildeg (assuming a 30% roll), which is 55% more and quite significant.

So it seems to come down to the Destreza doing significantly more damage over time by inflicting bleed procs with Ash's passives while the Shildeg will do about 70% more upfront damage on hit. 

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