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Railjack not saving affinity (and maybe resources?)

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As Ive understood, you need to wait for "mission success" screen before you leave to keep all your progress, but two times now when doing Gian Point with a team I lost all affinity when I aborted.

First time I aborted after mission success screen, after seeing all affinity I gathered.

The second time I aborted AFTER the squad moved into new mission, some seconds after the mission had started to be sure its loaded up. I lost all affinity I gathered in the PREVIOUS mission.

Rainjack needs a proper way to exit without choosing "abort mission" because it seem to cause a lot of problems and confusion.

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While I don't think I've ever lost affinity due to aborting a mission the way you describe, I do agree that there needs to be a better way to exit a Railjack squad between missions.

What I have noticed is that the affinity/intrinsics shown at the Railjack end of mission screen never seems to match your actual stats once you leave the mission. I don't know if that's something in the way that it's calculated and displayed, but it would be nice if this would display correctly.

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Confirmed for me - equipped and gained weapon affinity was "stolen" after I aborted the missions post Mission Complete screen. 

It doesn't seem to affect Intrinsics but they are affected by a separate bug - their progress isn't displayed during the mission in the UI, as if you're not gaining Intrinsics experience at all - but they are applied after the missions ends.

Amusing to see huge failjack bugs being ignored by DE so long after its implementation. 

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On 2020-10-12 at 8:34 AM, psycedelic said:

why not goto dry dock to lock "affinity" in rather then abort makes most logic to head home after deep space travel

That's fine if you're the host. If you're a client you have to wait until the host decides to go back to the Dry Dock. I have seen someone ask the host to go back, only to be mocked by them.

Interesting that it only affects affinity and not intrinsics.

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