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Can't play with anyone


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On 2020-10-11 at 1:40 PM, (PSN)KittyUnsung said:

I feel like warframes matchmaking is continuing to get worse, now I can't even join my friends, I just get an infinite "Please wait" Screen 95% of the time and have to close app. I used to be able to play fine, but I can't find a fix for this on ps4.

You got lucky in my books. Try joining through communications and then all of sudden after you vote for a mission, it kicks you out by giving you "Session unavailable. every time you want to play with friends. I got sick and tried of playing solo farming because of Limbos trolling or lazy people, so I decided to get into farming with friends to help them out but oh no... can't do so. I restarted my system, internet, closed application, suspended application, and even did rest mode for all types excluding system updates and still getting this message. Until this is fixed, I'm not playing and I'll gladly be kicked from my clan because of DE's stupid decisions.

Also, the 95% loading symbol happened to me like 3 times, so I know the pain.

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