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Does plague star come from cambion drift?


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It's still original Infested matter. Deimos only recently emerged into Martian orbit, the way Loid says it implies that like Lua, the planet was hidden in the Void or some uncharted space region around Mars (which could mean the Infested moon itself could be mobile).

I'd like to think the Eris superhive is flinging these boils out aimed at prospective planets to colonize them.

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11 minutes ago, (PS4)Nighthawk2060 said:

hmm so they could be of a similar or possibly even same ancestor strain of infestation? If what you are saying is true, then is deimos what a successful takeover of a planet with a boil looks like?

The Son broke containment protocol, and "Let the spores in". 

While it is a "planet takeover", its not because of a boil like the plague star.

Loid or Mother specifically mentions a grey strain of infested. I presume that what happened in Deimos was because of an infestation outbreak from WITHIN the planet itself, i.e, the planet already had the infestation, contained, and maybe even created in deimos itself. In fact, there are theories that infestation was in-fact created for the first time in deimos, and then delivered to Lua to make warframes, which resulted in outbreaks like in Eris.

Deimos's case is specifically a containment breach.

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