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Trinity Troubles?



I just ran the event and was killed while Blessing was up. A laser Corpus took me down pretty quickly while I was spamming 4 preemtively (being told it was still in use). I could see my shields and hp melt away while 'Ability in use' was flashing away at me. I'm a little confused and wondering if I missed something, if it's a bug or if it might just be latency.


I also take damage during the casting animation - I thought Trinity was given invulnerability while casting (I'm not even sure why I thought that as I can see the wiki clearly states she is vulnerable while casting)?

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The issue of being Elite Crewman laser-melted while Blessing is active still remains a puzzle, but I'll write that up to a freak occurance. I'll definitely be seeking out cover for the cast now though. ;-) Thanks, guys!

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