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Railjack Ordnance not working: GALVARC (again)


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To my knowledge this is the second or third time this ordnance attachment has bugged and became unusable in the exact same way.

The way it has bugged out is exactly the same as it has before in the past.
Right now it currently only fires for a millisecond and then stops, making it unusable.
Its intended function is to fire up to three beams at once to nearby targets.

I rely on this to quickly take out fighters.
Please fix and look into what's causing this to bug out every update or so.

Each time this has been reported it has taken quite long for it to become noticed and fixed.

I know that Railjack is currently not on the radar for the moment, so I really recommend squashing this bug indefinitely, otherwise this is just gonna keep getting reported each time it gets broken due to a major update.


Thank you.

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1 hour ago, (PS4)GingyGreen said:

Yep, this has been the problem for TWO MONTHS.



I've been reporting it over and over and over and goddamn over again. Does anyone even read these bug reports?

If a lot of players haven’t report the same thing and it’s not very severe to the majority of the player base. DE will put it in low priority.

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