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Kavats affected by Nezha's "Divine Spears" ability don't drop Genetic Kavat Codes


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  • TYPE: In-Game
  • DESCRIPTION: Scanning Kavats impaled by a spear from Nezha's 4th ability result in a 0% drop of Genetic Kavat Codes
  • VISUAL: --
  • REPRODUCTION: Enter a Deimos mission with Kavat spwning with Nezha equipped. Use your Divine Spears ability on Kavats. Scan them with either the Codex scanner or Synthesis Scanner.
  • EXPECTED RESULT: Genetic Kavat Coes should drop with 10% (or 20% doesn't remember the normal droprate) chance
  • OBSERVED RESULT: You will never get a Genetic Kavat Code
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: Everytime I tried for the last 2 years : Over 250 impaled kavat scans. Still no Genetic Kavat Code acquired this way
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: As Nezha Prime is going to be release soon, I thought it was a good time to bring this bug back on the table after my last report of it a year ago (said report has disappeared and no one ever answered it)
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