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Okay so before I get beaten down with "but that's just Warframe!", I was playing another MMO recently and it was actually fun, I rarely get impressed by a game. It lets you quickly switch characters to combine elemental attacks for increased damage. And this system is quite fun when you get it right against tough enemies (something I never have to face now in WF at MR 14). And what's more, it actually makes you frustrated when a tougher enemy randomly decides to attack you, since it's not a simple matter of whacking it 3 times as in WF, but you have to think about which element to use and then if it interrupts your moves (knockdowns), you have to get up in its face, "up close and personal" and try to stunlock it. And that feels satisfying.

But in the very least, I would like to see Warframe move away from "massacre hundreds of enemies that don't seem to grieve or care they are next for 10 minutes" and more towards special missions with their own rewards/currencies that emphasize actual conscious thinking, stealth, tactics (like flanking and game combat variables) or some other skill based play. Gears of War (not the recent ones) is a great example of an adrenaline rush skill-based gameplay. The enemies actually have an unconventional advantage over you (you really feel in Gears, the numbers game) and you really have to be aware of your positioning on harder difficulties. Then you make your move and hopefully you take out a sniper, or Torque Bow user, or reduce their numbers.

The difference is that in some other games, or on solo Spy where you need 3 hacks, you actually have to think and plan accordingly. Beyond simply picking a build and taking advantage of some elemental modifier or enemy stats. (Armor strip etc). These all trivialize the game once you figure it out! Because the game mechanics are actually only a few elements. Enemy awareness, health, armor, shield, other modifiers like resistances.. now compare it to this map segment (a circular fountain), being faced with enemies all around you in a circle while you're in the middle - you will need situational awareness and skill. (Compared to WF Gears has a diverse range of weapons; see Torque Bow; the sniper really feels like a sniper, headshots really mean something, recoil means something).

This is due to Warframe's base game design. It has a LOT of flaws. Go make a new account where you are vulnerable with low shields/health, and you will FEEL the gameplay elements, compared to the endgame where everything except Spy sortie is a breeze. You can't get away from simplistic overall game mechanics by adding more cosmetics, more retouched stats (Rivens), new maps. Like other MMOs, the game itself is seen as a "Sacred Cow" for which criticism is viewed as potentially very harmful, monetarily or otherwise. But Warframe needs an entire overhaul for it to remain fun, fresh and interesting. This would start with looking at what affects the gameplay: how it plays when you equip certain loadouts, what the "meta" of the game is for X type of challenge (Spy sortie, ESO, resource farming), the main equation of gameplay success being enemy presence versus kill requirements (Survival), tankiness, damage, armor strip, health and energy and shield economy. So, what minimizes the exploitation of this gameplay success equation, and what maximizes novelty, conscious focus, having to rethink your loadout/builds to new fundamental game variables/mechanics/modifiers?

Another way to think about it is how in WF, everything is centered around customization of your Frames which you keep. Whereas, other games have other mechanics (like the character swap elemental damage combinations), and are not so heavily focused on your build/loadout, to the extent that the game is over including the endgame when you have finished your customization. There is no more challenge left, unlike in other games where some portions of the combat system or gameplay flow are left to be filled out when you get there (Gears of War has a lot of tension because of the timing and positioning).

Nightwave is only good for the Nitain Extract. It provides exactly what you would expect to come from no actual change to the gameplay, but throwing a few bones towards the players (achievement/trophy type things).

So what about Spy 2.0, with ceiling vents that link between map tiles, and multi-story (very tall) map tiles and set warframes so that everyone has the expected invisibility or hushed weapons abilities? What about common map tile Corpus doors setting off the hack alarms instead of doing nothing?

How about a game mode where you have to rescue/escort a prisoner, but the map is open air with long range sniper enemies, that you can't attack easily or lock onto using your abilities.

How about map tiles that are actually prepared (now) to defend against the Tenno: lots of shield soldiers, barriers obstructing the use of Warframe abilities, knockdown/AOE turrets, gun jamming against the players.

(And also another idea is to allow us players to have a different Orbiter layout.)

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53 minutes ago, fungame_dot_exe said:

How about a game mode where you have to rescue/escort a prisoner, but the map is open air with long range sniper enemies, that you can't attack easily or lock onto using your abilities.



Banish sends its regards

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