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[Mobile APP] Allow us to see the alerts in the mobile APP.


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Greeting, I might be wrong, and if so i apologize for this if it's already the case
But could you allow the app to show us the current alerts ?  (be it lotus gift or event like thermal fracture , plague etc...) 

I think it would be nice to be able to see them or even having the app send a notification to our phone when a "gift of the lotus" alerts arrive, since those are only there for 24 hours usually or when a new events starts.

Thanks for reading.

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il y a 19 minutes, (PS4)isbergen a dit :

iPhone app is crashing now, so can't confirm but isn't there an Alert tab in the Activities section?

personally i only have
1) baro ki'teer
2) nightwave
3) Invasions
4) Extractors
5) Sorties
6) Void fissures
7) World Cycles

But no alert tab

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