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[INT][PC] 3 friends looking for a clan


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Hello, we are 3 friends searching for a new international (Shadow- or Storm-) clan.

We want to be part of an active but relaxed clan without any special commitments. We are looking for players to share the endless grinding in warframe or useless things in other games with us, while sitting in a voicechannel on Discord  and talking about stupid stuff. 
We dont want a little dictator as leader, we had one and let me tell you we cannot endure this stuff again. 
    Casual players
    Ingame: SuccubixX, felixs1993 (yeah, that will change some day...), Asoritan
    Age: 27, 27, 30
    Mastery: 23, 28, 29
    Time wasted in Warframe: 1.140, 2.845, 2.288 hours (steam)
What we deliver:
    - a bit of experience, that we'd like to share
    - a bit of (questionable) humour 
    - enough patience for endurance-runs and mindless grinding
    - F.U.N. 
We all have been in a few (german) clans, with and without each other, and since our last clan is dead we're hoping to find a clan with some like-minded people here. 
Feel free to DM us here, in Warframe or via Discord (s0w4#1862, Ngin3#6354)
And we like cats. 
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Hi Succubi,

I am not sure if my clan will be of interest, we just started out as a small group of friends (3 initially) and they did become a bit inactive, but I stayed with the dojo and carried on grinding with it, I have just recently decided to started recruiting and also get my 2 friends active again, me and my pals are around the your age group, just no where near your MR.

I love the grind and endless hours of farming, you also won't get no dictatorship from us, only thing I ask is discord and 16+, we don't really have no limits on our humour so you'll find nothing will bother us. We are a Shadow clan, but only 7 members up to now, as mentioned I have only just started recruiting. I am no expert on the game, but what knowlege I do have I like to share.

If your interested - You can find me on discord Jammy#2925

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