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Levron, weapon idea

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Story: The original Levron was a semi-improvised weapon created early into the old war. When an orokin drone was destroyed an engineer began manually working it's weapons to defend their home. When Dax reinforcements drove back the sentients they found the engineer surrounded by destroyed sentient fighters still gripping a heavily refined prototype.

Description: Based on a vehicle mounted rapid fire homing missile launcher the Levron has had it's sensors, computing unit, and belt feed system removed to make it usable by a single operator. Likewise the homing missiles have been replaced by smaller, lighter and simpler dumbfire rockets without a dedicated warhead. The result is a physically large lever action weapon that fires rockets one at a time from a large magazine.

Mechanic: Rockets immediately after firing primarily deal impact and explosive damage with a small amount of penetration damage. As rockets travel away from the point of firing they burn fuel, accelerating but losing explosive and impact damage output. At maximum range the rockets burn out, doing only the initial penetration damage.

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